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"In mastering decrescendos, Kuhn is second to none when she dimes down her impressive forte to a thread-thin tone that vibrates with tension. On top of this, Kuhn plays insistently and her intelligibility is great"

La voix humaine, Theater Gießen

( Gießener Allgemeine Manfred Merz )

"As Tatiana, soprano Tanja Kuhn gave a really beautiful performance - both vocally and dramatically. We saw Tatiana’s development from an infatuated teenage girl to a rich, steely valued power woman. TK portrays this with clear gestures and a voice that gradually becomes more powerful as the plot thickens. In her great letter scene in the first act, Kuhn dazzled the audience with impressive high notes and beautiful phrasing."

Eugene Onegin, royal danish Opera

( Ungt Theaterblod )

"The german soprano soloist Tanja Kuhn sang with a pleasant warm and round voice. She moved with agility between the various changing faces of the piece, always being perfect in the intonation and in intention, even during the difficu melodic exchanges with the Choir, unexceptionable and secure in every single Moment.

Gloria for Soprano Choir and Orchestra by Poulenc, Teatro Lirico Cagliari

Francesca Mulas ( Amadeus it. )

„Tanja Christine Kuhn as Giulietta, shows a lyrico spinto soprano voice with brilliant high notes, which easily carries through the orchestra“

Giulietta e Romeo by Zandonai, Staatstheater Braunschweig

( Braunschweiger Zeitung )

"... a Giulietta with the velvety timbre of a lyrical-strong soprano voice with which she was able to sing out dramatically, especially after the intermission."

Giulietta e Romeo by Zandonai, Staatstheater Braunschweig

( das Opernglas )

"As Senta, Tanja Christine Kuhn's articulation is also clear [...] Kuhn is a first-class artist, who does not merely act but embodies Senta until the work's dramatic conclusion. [...] Tanja Christine Kuhn presents a thrilling portrait of a thoroughly unhysterical outsider with boundless clarity and interpretative strength in both expression and volume. Kuhn's ballad is not only fantastic, because she sings 'beautifully' (which is already quite a lot); the perhaps all-too-famous piece, the 'big number,' is so moving, because she makes every word so comprehensible and sings with such immediacy, as if she were living out the tale with all of her senses. [...] The Holländer and Tanja Christine Kuhn never had to force their voices to express their existential, oppressive concerns."

The flying dutchman by Richard Wagner, Theater Hof

( Frankenpost )

"Tanja Christine Kuhn, who sang in the premiere which received thunderous and long-lasting applause, achieves a vocal and physical transformation from the starry-eyed miracle-woman to the active salvation-bearer. Kuhn is a young artist who credibly plays the role of a young girl, made all the more womanly by the nuances of timbre and power in her imposingly radiant soprano voice."

The flying dutchman by Richard Wagner, Theater Hof

( Frankenpost )

"Tanja Christine Kuhn – young, incredibly talented, and with equally impressive vocal and acting ability – is the big surprise hit of the season’s opening night at Theater Hof. She sings Senta’s ballad and the duets with her fiancé Erik as well as the idolized stranger with striking self-assurance. The clarity of her diction blended with Rainer Mesecke as Daland and James Tolksdorf in the title role at the finest level."

The flying dutchman by Richard Wagner, Theater Hof

( Bayrische Staatszeitung )

"The great surprise is the outstanding casting of the roles of Erik and Senta by guest artists: Tanja Christine Kuhn is a youthful, but also powerful soprano who has neither problems with the heights and depths of Senta’s range, nor with the immense demands of her ballad. Her Senta is not only the dreamer; she stands firmly grounded in life."

The flying dutchman by Richard Wagner, Theater Hof

( Operapoint )

„Irene, Tanja Christine Kuhn... a large,

warm voice“

Rienzi by Richard Wagner, Munich

(Neuer Merker)

"...with glowing, full soprano and enchantingly acted“

Rienzi by Richard Wagner, Munich


"Tanja Christine Kuhn sings the Infantin with sparkling high notes and never ceasing energy"

Der Zwerg by Alexander von Zemlinsky, Stuttgart

( Stuttgarter Zeitung )

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