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Photo: Jes Vang

Foto: Volker Beinhorn

In mastering decrescendos, Kuhn is second to none when she dimes down her forte to a thread-thin tone that vibrates with tension. On top of this, Kuhn plays insistently and her intelligibility is great.

[...] Tanja Christine Kuhn. Because of her the opera should be called Micaela. For do we not go to the opera to experience real drama and great emotions?
[...]The musical side of the opera was done with great beauty by soloists chorus and Orchestra.
In the end however, it was Tanja Christine Kuhn as Micaela that gave is real opera in her big Aria [...]

(Nordjyske Stuftstiende)

"The german soprano soloist Tanja Kuhn sang with a pleasant warm and round voice. She moved with agility between the various changing faces of the piece, always being perfect in the intonation and in intention, even during the difficu melodic exchanges with the Choir, unexceptionable and secure in every single Moment.

Gloria for Soprano Choir and Orchestra by Poulenc, Teatro Lirico Cagliari

Francesca Mulas ( Amadeus it. )

Foto: Raphael Roesler

Photo: Anders Bach

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